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Can I afford a 2nd Wife? Of course you can!

Our personal assistants are incredibly fast and efficient
permitting them to quickly and affordably meet your needs.

Call us at 916-600-9985 for more information.

Standard Rate: $35 per hour
Earn a free hour by referring a friend!

By the Hour Bundles

Please Help Me I’m Dying
• 5 hours per week = $600 per month

I Could Really Use Some Help
• 10 hours per month = $260 per month

If I Weren’t So Busy I Could Conquer the World
• 2 hours per month = $60 per month


Flat Fee Packages

iTune In
Let a 2nd Wife import your CDs in to your iTunes library. 100 CDs for $250.

Operation Organization
4 hours of organization of your home office or kids' play area. $100 plus expenses.

Dump It
Sometimes you have to break up with your 1980’s couch that you have had since college. Have your 2nd Wife dump it and recycle your old electronics, batteries and paint. $95 plus dump fees.

Seasoned Scheduler
Need help with your calendar? Copy your 2nd Wife and she will update your calendar nightly. $100 per week.

Happy Housesitter
Do you hate taking the pets to a boarder and leaving your house empty while you are on vacation? Let a 2nd Wife house sit. We will watch your house and animals while scanning and emailing your mail to you daily. $45 per night.

Get Your Home Guest Ready
1 hour of home repairs and 2 hours of house cleaning. $150.

Get Your 2nd Wife Eye Candy
Paint any room for $250 (doesn’t include trim or repairs)

Helping Hand
Have a 2nd Wife pick up/drop off your dry cleaning, do your laundry, go grocery shopping and then prepare a fresh dinner for you and your family. $200.


We have many more ideas for services on our Available Services page. Call us at 916-600-9985 for a quote or send in suggestions for packages you need.

* Some tasks require us to purchase furniture or equipment for you.
We will give you a price quote to approve before we incur the cost.