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Available Services

I can provide a broad array of concierge services. I can wait for the cable guy. I can return or exchange the gifts hiding in your closet. I can plan your vacation. I can make all of your appointments. I can make sure you get to your appointments. I can go to your appointments for you (just not the dentist, please). I can do your grocery shopping, gift shopping, and personal shopping. I can buy you a label maker and label all your Queen and King sheets and create shelves exclusively for them. I can re-enact SNL skits. I can plan your parties, coordinate your home improvement projects, organize your office, sell your crap on Craigslist, assemble your Ikea furniture, hang your plasma TV, work out with you, cook your meals, walk your dog, and watch your house when you are gone.

You didn’t know you needed me, did you?

2nd Wife can do everything you need. We offer a number of fixed rate flat fee packages based on our Affordability Page. Here are some more suggestions for how we can help. Call us for a quote, 916-600-9985.

Buyers’ Remorse
Your 2nd Wife will gladly return unwanted gifts or sell unwanted items on Craigslist so you don’t have to weed through all the crazies and sit around waiting for them to show up.

To-Do List Tackle
Give your 2nd Wife a to-do list and they’ll tackle it like an overweight offensive lineman on steroids.

Smog Snog
We will take your car to get smogged, serviced, detailed and registered while you work.

WEAVE Special
We will pick up your thrift store donations and drop them at WEAVE. 2nd Wife will donate 50% of its proceeds to WEAVE.

Personal Shopper
Let your 2nd Wife scour stores, discount retailers, craigslist and eBay for the perfect item. We’ll print you a list of options with Consumer Reports recommendations and then purchase the item you choose.

Scanner's Paradise
Who wants to spend hours scanning documents and photos into an organized file? Your 2nd Wife does!

I Can Fold a Fitted Sheet
We will wash your laundry and organize your linen closet.

Have suggestions?
Tell us how we can help!

Take the Tedious:
We will
wait for the cable guy , wait in line at the mobile phone carrier, wait on hold with a service provider, sit at DMV, address holiday cards and invitations, and do everything tedious in your life.

We can also do these things:

• Home Organizing: laundry; housekeeping; window washing; organizing your linen closet, clothes closet, garage, kitchen, office; collecting and scanning documents for tax returns; cleaning out and selling/donating unwanted items; assemble photo albums and scrap books

• Honey Do Lists: Home repairs, hang plasma TV, minor improvements, baby-proof your house, pick up and assemble furniture, gardening, weeding, mowing, light construction or coordination of larger scale projects

• Cooking & Cleaning: meal planning, meal preparation, housekeeping (Daily, Weekly or Monthly)


Call us at 916-600-9985 for more information.


Available Services from a 2nd Wife...

Call us at 916-600-9985
for more information.


Available Services from a 2nd Wife...



Available Services from a 2nd Wife...